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It’s the sheet.

The app that will make you actually like distributing music.

Organize with Collections

A collection allows you to group a set of songs for easy finding. Create a collection for halftime, stand tunes, spring concert, or whatever your heart desires.

Create Setlists

A setlist groups songs in a specific order. Pre-plan your performance and make it super easy for you and your students to get to the next song.

Keep Track of Time

Enter the time of each of your songs so it’s easy to grab the perfect tune.

Powerful Annotations

Drawing, highlighting, adding text, cropping, and more – it’s all in Beam.

Stay in Sync with Live Mode.

You know that feeling when you call up a stand tune and everyone frantically looks for the music? Those days are over.

Activate Live Mode to automatically connect everyone in the ensemble to your device. When you select a piece of music, everyone’s individual parts for that song are instantly displayed on their personal device. All without the need for internet.

Live mode is powered by Ditto, the world’s leading peer to peer mesh network.

Your entire music library. Everywhere.

Ultimate Drill Book eliminated the need to print drill.
Now with Beam, you don’t need to print music either.

Assigning parts is a breeze.

 Organizing a lot of files can be difficult. With Beam, it’s easy. The intuitive assigning flow expedites the organization process.

Step 1

Import files from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 2

Assign single pages or entire files.

Step 3

Add global annotations so every member has up-to-date notes.

Free Set-up and Training.

Getting your ensemble up-and-running with new technology is important. Ultimate Drill Book offers onboarding and training sessions for directors, staff, and students – all for free.

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