UDBapp Pro Beta Testing

Step 1:
Go to your current UDBapp Profile to check your email address.

1. Open up UDBapp Pro
2. Tap on settings
3. Tap on profile
4. Take a screen shot of the profile screen.

This is simply a reminder for you as you will need the email address and your password to re-login to the public version of UDBapp.

Step 2:
Delete UDBapp Pro from your device and follow the instructions below to install the beta build.

iOS Installation Instructions

1. Install TestFlight from the iOS App Store
2. Click this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/uLeov4rU
3. In TestFlight, tap install.

Android Installation Instructions

1. Click this link: UDBapp Android Build 87
2. Download the .APK file using Chrome or Google Drive
3. Open the .APK file and install the app.
Note: You may receive a notice that this app is from an unidentified developer. This is a securtiy precaution, but you are okay to proceed with the download and installation.

Step 3:
Create a new UDBapp account. From the homescreen of the new app you just downloaded:

1. Tap Sign Up at the bottom of the screen.
2. Enter the follow codes:

Ensemble code: leander
Ensemble password: leander-ens

Both codes should be entered lowercase.

3. Tap continue
4. Fill out the fields to create an account.

IMPORTANT: For the email address, use your first name + lhs @gmail.com.
Example: johnlhs@gmail.com