Ultimate Director’s Book
As a director, you want all of your rehearsal materials in one place. Instead of dealing with binders and plastic sheets, benefit from the indestructible Ultimate Director’s Book. All of your drill, music, attendance, and more can finally be in one place.

Water Proof and Tear Proof

Each book is made with the best materials available to make them last all season. Bring on the rain.

All in one place

From drill to music to attendance sheets, you can put whatever you want in an indestructible book that will last all season.

Get a book for everyone

It’s easier than ever for you to outfit your entire staff and drum majors with the resources they need run effective rehearsals daily. Boo-yah.

Your own indestructible book with things like

– Full size drill charts
– Music scores for entire show
– Attendance sheets for the season
– Rehearsal schedules
– Band Calendar
– Anything else that you want!
– All pages are printed on water and tear resistant paper
– Comes standard with 70 B&W pages
– Each additional 20 pages only $5

On the outside

– Customized front cover with logo and school name
– Director names and designer names can be included on cover
– Covers printed on water and tear proof polycarbonate
– Durable coil binding