Ultimate Drill Book is awarding over $4,000 IN PRIZES to help students march drum corps in 2020.

Students at least 16 years of age who have never marched drum corps are eligible to participate.


To participate in the UDB DCI Tour Fee Giveaway, a marcher must be nominated by a current or former marching band teacher. Once the nomination has been submitted, the marcher will receive an application via email. Nominations must be submitted by June 16, 2019 at 11:59pm CST.

Instructor Nomination

A marching band teacher nominates a student that they feel is deserving of a drum corps scholarship.


The nominated student submits an application that details their musical background and love for the marching arts.

The top 20 applicants from around the country advance to the semifinal round of the UDB Tour Fee Giveaway. Semifinalists are selected by a panel of educators, designers, and enthusiasts based on the content of the application, individual need, and enthusiasm for marching drum corps.


Semifinalists create a 1-minute video to introduce themselves, share their passion for drum corps, and explain what winning the UDB Tour Fee Giveaway would mean to them. The more creative the better! Voting begins on July 1, 2019 and ends July 14, 2019 at 11:59pm CST. 

Video introduction

Each semifinalist creates and uploads a video that gives insight into their personality, passions, and goals.

Share and vote

All videos will be available to view and share. The more votes a video has, the better chance that participant has to be a finalist!

The 2 entries that receive the most votes on their video will automatically advance to the final round with 2 other finalists chosen by our panel of judges. These 4 finalists win an all-expenses paid trip to DCI Finals Week 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana!


The finalists will watch shows, see rehearsals, experience the warm-up lots, and ultimately compete to win the UDB DCI Tour Fee Giveaway.

The final round is a live competition that tests the finalist’s skills in all things marching band. The participants will do things like march drill with a brass instrument, spin a rifle, change a drum head, grab their dot book, take off their marching shoes, and try to cross the finish line first!

Early round competitions take place throughout the week to narrow the competition down to two participants. The final live round takes place on the field during the intermission at DCI Semifinals!



Tour fees up to $3,500 paid directly to a DCI corps that they are contracted to march in 2020.


$500 towards tour fees paid directly to a DCI corps that they are contracted to march in 2020.


Two video audition reviews with UDB Education Team members.



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