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Module 11

Warm up/Physical training

This Dynamic Warm Up, provided by Marching Health, is a great way to get the body ready for movement and should be a focus for students and staff before each marching rehearsal.

Hybrid Exercise

This exercise, focused on the scaffolding of skills and building endurance, is a combination of hybrid exercises 3 & 4 as one larger phrase.

UDBapp song name:
M11 Exercise: Hybrid 3&4 Combo

Movement: Medium tempo choreography

Medium tempo choreo 1

Medium tempo choreo 2

Medium tempo choreo 3

Medium tempo choreo 4

Exercise: Medium tempo challenge

In this creative challenge, students are asked to create their own combination of movement and choreography using the skills covered in Modules 1-11.  Using the song in UDBapp titled M11: Medium Tempo Creative Challenge, each student’s performance should include (but is not limited to) the following:

4 total sets of marching
2 sets of choreography, one from any Module 11 medium tempo choreo, and one that they make up on their own

For example, a version of this exercise could be:
March forward in a left slide – 8 cts.
March backwards – 8 cts.
Medium tempo choreo 1 – 8 cts.
March forward in a right slide – 8 cts.
March in curved path to your starting point – 8 cts
Medium tempo choreo (created by the performer) – 8 cts.

These challenges are meant for the performer to exercise their full creativity as each performance structure should vary from person to person.

UDBapp song name:
M11 Exercise: Medium Tempo Creative Challenge


Meet the instructors

If you are interested in having these instructors work with your ensemble, please contact support@ultimatedrillbook.com

Michael Rosales

Michael Rosales

Lead Choreographer, Santa Clara Vanguard

Samia Mooney

Samia Mooney

Movement Supervisor, The Bluecoats

Matt Hartwell

Matt Hartwell

Visual Instructor, The Bluecoats and The Blue Devils

Jennifer Hanford

Jennifer Hanford

Asst. Director, James Bowie High School

Elliot Cleveland

Elliot Cleveland

Founder, Marching Health

How to access UDBapp song files

All UDB Virtual Curriculum UDBapp song files are hosted in a special account accessible by you and your students. Each user will add their personal account to the UDB Virtual Curriculum ensemble.

From the UDBapp home screen:
1. Tap the three dots in the top left corner of the screen
2. Tap + Add Ensemble
3. Enter the following codes:
Ensemble code: udbmovesme
Ensemble password: cleandrill

Note: Directors, you will sign up as a staff member