Partnership Social Media Content Guidelines

Hello! We’re super excited to collaborate with you and cannot wait to see what you create. This document will provide an overview of our collaboration expectations and offer general brand guidelines for you to create amazing content!

Social Media Best Practices

Here are a few items to keep in mind as you are creating and sharing your content!

  • If YOU are posting the content, please be sure to tag or @ mention Ultimate Drill Book on all relevant platforms!
  • If Ultimate Drill Book has requested to be added as a collaborator on video posts, please know that this can ONLY be done natively through Facebook & Instagram. If your organization uses a scheduling program such as Hootsuite, it WILL NOT work!
  • Ultimate Drill Book primarily uses three branded hashtags: #UDB #UDBfamily #cleandrill



At Ultimate Drill Book, we value all of the relationships that we have globally across our industry. However, it’s difficult for us to be everywhere at once. That’s where you come in! Our primary objective is for you to create short-form social media content that takes advantage of your unique access, environment, and perspective within the performing arts.

Are you the drum major at a drum & bugle corps? Are you a squad leader at an HBCU school? Are you a freshman color guard member at a high school in Colorado that has great mountain views? Does your wind ensemble have a fun mascot?

We want you to lean in to who you are! It’s our goal to share your unique perspective with the rest of the community!

We are NOT looking for you to create a promotion that simply advertises Ultimate Drill Book.


Brand Guidelines:

As you start to create, we want to make sure that you understand our philosophy at Ultimate Drill Book!

  • At Ultimate Drill Book, we pride ourselves with being on everyone’s “good side”
  • Ultimate Drill Book IS inclusive, supportive, positive, and respectful of everyone in the community.

The voice of Ultimate Drill Book IS modern, casual, intelligent, and truthful.

Content Idea Examples

  • Navigate a housing site using UDB
  • “this or that” trend
  • A day in the life with UDB
  • 5 things I can’t live without for band
  • Get ready for a show day with me
  • Sneaking UDB into a football game
  • Pre-show ritual
  • Coordinate sheet vs UDB skit
  • Challenge video using UDB roll call
  • Asking people how to pronounce UDBapp
  • Informal street-style interviews on UDB
  • Section/ band mascots
  • “Build the podium with me”
  • Meet the Megavox’s
  • Preparing for band camp
  • “Things that make sense”
  • Pre-show rituals
  • PBJ Tutorial
  • Food truck food overview
  • MTV cribs bus tour
  • Concession stand review
  • Warm up lot vlog
  • Unique housing site tour
  • Pets at a rehearsal