Drum Corps Sponsorship 2022

With every UDB Drum Corps sponsorship, we ask that you provide 5 education-focused posts (at least 1 video) on all social media channels and put UDB logo on website and truck, if possible.

Examples of Posts

Additional Post Ideas

  • Members learning drill with their dotbooks
  • Members learning drill with UDBapp
  • Director view with UDBapp from the box
  • Closeup shot of dotbooks
  • Members with their UDB T-shirts 
  • Partnership Annoucement
  • Appreciate Post with UDB Logo

Don't have a Videographer? No problem!

What We Need From You

1. Interviews – 1 Director, 1 Staff Member, 2 Members

Record the following indivuduals listed above and ask the following questions:

  • Why does the corp use UDB?
  • How does UDB help the process of learning drill?
  • What is your favorite feature of UDB?
  • What are the reasons corps and marching bands should use UDB?

2. B-roll

B-roll is defined as suppementary footage that is layered on top of interview footage. Record 20 clips between 10-15 seconds long of behind the scenes footage.

Examples of B-roll

  • Members learning drill with UDBapp
  • Closeup shot of UDB Dotbook Cover
  • Closeup shot of member flipping through pages of UDB Dotbook
  • Director’s view of learning drill
  • General rehearsal footage
  • Clips of members with UDB T-shirts

Do vs. Dont’s 

Try to keep your subject at the far left or far right third of the frame when filming interviews. 

Don’t put your subject in the center or off center of the frame. 

Steady Footage

In order to produce steady footage, it is best to use a tripod when recording interviews and create slow movements with the camera when moving.