Ultimate Drill Book teams up with Pygraphics

Ultimate Drill Book is proud to announce an official collaboration with Pygraphics. Through this exclusive agreement, Ultimate Drill Book products and mobile applications will integrate directly with Pyware. Innovators in drill design software, Pyware is working closely with Ultimate Drill Book to create the next generation of drill learning and cleaning tools.

Py and Cayleen Kolb, owners of Pygraphics, are excited to team up with Ultimate Drill Book. “Our team at Pyware is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with UDB in providing the best rehearsal tools in the industry,” said Py Kolb. “We recognize that UDB has created fantastic products, with many exciting new updates in the pipeline.”

Luke and Joshua Gall, cofounders of Ultimate Drill Book, are thrilled to work exclusively with Pyware. “It’s a dream to be able to work with the industry leaders in drill design,” said Luke Gall. “Ultimate Drill Book’s educational tools will take a giant leap forward with the addition of Pyware.”

Ultimate Drill Book will integrate Pyware into their flagship products, UDBapp and Ultimate Drill Book. This addition will become an integral part of how designers and educators interface with and deliver drill in the future. UDBapp, with the ability to read Pyware 3D files, will display more information than ever before on a mobile device. Animations with music, curved paths, step size, yard line crossing counts, midpoints, and much more will all be available to students. “This collaboration brings the best in the activity together and I’m thrilled that we’re joining forces to show the world what’s next in drill design and instruction,” says Joshua Gall.

Eddie Lopez, former Associate Director of Bands at Hendrickson High School and co-owner of Ultimate Drill Book, is excited for the impact this joint venture will have on students. “As a former band director and current clinician, I understand the necessity in providing students clear instruction while maintaining a fast paced and productive rehearsal,” says Eddie. “Our alliance with Pyware will help in all of these aspects by putting more information in the hands of the students in a clear and concise way.”

“Between Ultimate Drill Book and the UDBapp paired with Pyware 3D, rehearsals will soon be drastically more efficient,” says Py Kolb. “Productivity is going to skyrocket.”

For more information on UDBapp, click here.

To learn more about Pygraphics, visit www.pyware.com