UDBapp Tutorials

Creating Accounts/Management

Creating a Director Account

Signing In to Multiple Accounts

Creating Student Accounts

Add, Edit, and Delete Songs

Manage Your Ensemble

Uploading Pyware Drill into UDBapp

Upload and Update Drill from Pyware

Manually Uploading Drill

UDBapp Basics

Using the UDBapp Interface for Directors

Using the UDBapp Interface for Students

Syncing Sheet Music

Adding Drill Tabs to Sheet Music

UDBapp Settings

Switching Songs

Changing the Coordinate Sheet Rounding

Changing Performer Colors

Creating Custom Views

Using the Cast List

Hiding and Showing Sections

Hiding Labels During Animation

Changing the Field Perspective

Changing Symbols

Managing Audio Playback


Connecting a Calendar to UDBapp Pro

Creating A Calendar Event


Using Attendance

Checking In to a Calendar Event

Smart Access

Using Offiline Mode