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Essential Features

Quick Scrub

Quickly scrub through the drill, page by page or count by count, to see exactly how your drill comes to life.

Rehearsal Mode

Swap out your show audio with a metronome, slow the drill down, and add a count-in to your drill animation. Perfect for drill practice in an ensemble or individual setting. Exclusive to UDBapp Pro.

Halfway Points

Have you ever wanted to quickly know where your halfway point is? Now you can see it on every set.

Page/Count Toggle

It’s now easier to see if you’re on page or count mode with our new quick toggle.

Drill from Pyware in seconds.

There is a reason we sync directly with Pyware – it’s the best drill writing software on the planet. Exporting drill to UDBapp takes just seconds

Drill exports in less than 10 seconds >

One app, tons of detail.

Drill in UDBapp comes directly from Pyware, so you’ll get smooth animations, precise pathways, synced music, notes, props, and so much more.

See an overview of UDBapp >

Tap ID

Tap on a performer to see their name and their picture, updated instantly from UDBapp’s internal performer list. Awesome.

See Tap ID in action >

Student-focused features

Put the power in the hands of your students.

Live Coordinates

With UDBapp, you can view your coordinate for every count of the drill. This makes calculating half-way points and yard line crossings a breeze.

Precise Pathways

Executing the correct pathway is essential for every marcher. UDBapp shows where you came from and where you’re going next. Say goodbye to bad first reps.

Calculated Step Size

Understanding step size and energy changes between sets is essential to cleaning drill. UDBapp helps every marcher understand the exact responsibility for each set.

Custom Views

Easily switch between your custom views to quickly reference the whole band or just a certain section. The choice is yours.

The UDBapp Interface for Students >

Calendar and Attendance

With UDBapp Pro’s Google Calendar integration, everything is now in one place for you, your staff, and your students.

Adding a GPS location to a calendar event takes seconds >

GPS-based check-in

Keeping track of who is at rehearsal each day is tough. UDBapp Pro makes attendance a breeze with GPS-based check-in.

Step 1

Create an event in UDBapp to sync with Google Calendar.

Step 2

Choose the location for the event and resize geofence.

Step 3

Students check-in to rehearsal once they’re inside the geofence.

See how Attendance works >

Link your sheet music to your drill.

With drill tabs in UDBapp, you never have to search for the right spot in the music. UDBapp links your music with drill pages so the right measure is just one tap away.

See how sheet music and drill tabs work inside of UDBapp >

Free set-up and support

Getting your ensemble up-and-running with new technology is important. Ultimate Drill Book offers onboarding and training sessions for directors, staff, and students – all for free.

Set-up a free demo video chat >

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Frequently Asked Questions

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