June 25, 2020

UDBapp Pro to release July 1, 2020

UDBapp Pro includes brand new modules and powerful enhancements to core features.

Ultimate Drill Book is proud to announce UDBapp Pro, the next generation of marching arts technology used by thousands of marching ensembles around the world.

UDBapp Pro brings a suite of new integrations and features including a revamped Pyware integration, Google Calendar, GPS-based Attendance, Smart Access, Multiple Ensemble Support, Tap ID, Smart Access, and more.

Ultimate Drill Book is the industry leader in marching arts education with users in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Marching ensembles use Pyware to design their shows and UDBapp to deliver, learn, and perfect their drill. With UDBapp Pro, marching ensembles will have access to more tools to aid their rehearsal and management process.

Pyware Integration Enhancements

For the first time ever, drill writers will be able to send out an update to a drill file instead of uploading a new file to the ensemble’s accounts. This update is sent to all users and allows users to get the updated drill sets without having to re-input sheet music and notes. Additionally, the new Pyware upload interface shows you the timestamps for uploaded files, making it easier than ever to manage drill uploaded to an account. To take advantage of these new features on July 1, you will need to download the Pyware V10 beta on their website. All features will be fully rolled out in a public release by the beginning of marching season.

Calendar and Attendance

Calendar and Attendance integration makes its much-anticipated debut in UDBapp Pro. Directors are able to manage their rehearsal and performance calendar in the app by creating events, selecting invited users, and outlining the check-in area on a map. For a user to be counted as present at an event they must be within the geofence to “check-in.” All attendance records are available for students to view and directors to view and export.

Tap ID

Identifying who is in specific drill spot has always been a difficult task. With the introduction of Tap ID, directors can easily access that information without ever having to manage it. When a marcher selects their position on the field, UDBapp automatically generates a live-updating cast list of performers on the field. When a director taps on that performer on the drill chart, the marcher’s name and picture are displayed. Directors may also navigate into the settings to see a full list of performers, search for a specific name, and even designate primary and secondary performers.

Offline Mode

UDBapp Pro introduces Smart Access, a new module focused on giving permissions to selected members of your ensemble. Offline Mode is the first Smart Access feature to be introduced, giving directors more control over device usage during rehearsal. When toggled on, Offline Mode restricts access to drill if the selected users are connected to the internet (WiFi or cellular). This means that marchers cannot be doing other tasks on their phone while learning drill.

Local Songs

Since its original release in 2016, UDBapp has only supported directors uploading songs to an account. With the release of UDBapp Pro, all users able to open .3DUDB files directly on their device as a Local Song. The songs are stored only on the user’s device. Local Songs was developed specifically as a way for all users to get access to new drill in the event that they cannot access the internet or UDBapp server. 

Multiple Ensemble Support

UDBapp’s user base has grown exponentially in the last 3 years, which has lead to many educators and students using UDB with multiple ensembles. Now, UDBapp Pro supports a single account having access to multiple ensembles. From the home screen, a user can switch and add an ensemble by simply tapping the quick access dots in the top left hand corner of the screen. This represents a new generation of account management and user-focused enhancements inside of UDBapp Pro.

Stability and Security

UDBapp Pro was rebuilt from the ground up to increase security and stability. The new server is built with leading technologies and boasts a robust support platform. In the event of an internet or UDB server malfunction, a dedicated offline mode allows users to login and even open new drill without an internet connection. These innovations ensure that educators and students always have access to drill-related features in UDBapp Pro.


UDBapp Pro will launch on July 1 in the iOS and Google Play App Stores. Educators and students interested in getting an account should visit

To learn more about UDBapp, visit the UDBapp Product Page or FAQ page.