May 23, 2022

UDBapp Pro 1.0.5 to release May 24, 2022.

UDBapp Pro 2022 introduces an updated Pyware integration and powerful enhancements to core features.

Ultimate Drill Book is the industry leader in marching arts education with users in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Marching ensembles use Pyware to design their shows and UDBapp to deliver, learn, and perfect their drill. With UDBapp Pro, marching ensembles will have access to more tools to aid their rehearsal and management process.

Pyware Integration Updates

Text Boxes and Arrows

Drill designers that use text boxes and arrows on the drill chart can now export them directly to all versions of UDBapp! Users can toggle these elements on and off in the drill settings.

Prop Enhancements

UDBapp brings a new look and functionality to props and performer props exported from Pyware. Performer props now show labels and all props are shown with 50% opacity for easier viewing of the grid.

Title Column

The title column, often used for rehearsal letters, is now available to view inside of UDBapp! Tap on counts or measures in the top information bar to rotate through counts, measures, and title.

Page Tab Layers

The introduction of page tab layers in Pyware changed the way drill designers write drill. You can now export any single page tab layer directly to UDBapp!

New Feature Support Chart

Use the chart below to view which features on supported on your version of Pyware. To access all that Pyware has to offer, upgrade to Pyware version 11.1.

What You Need To Do

Update UDBapp

This update will be available on both the iOS and Google Play app stores. If you do not have automatic updates turned on, you may visit the store link and manually update UDBapp.

Drill Writers

1. Update to the latest version of Pyware
To ensure optimum performance between Pyware and UDBapp, we recommend updating to the most current version of your existing Pyware license. You will only be able to update files that have been exported previously using the same version of the Parser (seen in the export window).

Please note, we recommend updating to Pyware version 11.1 to take advantage of all new features within Pyware and UDBapp.

2. Re-export Any Old Pyware Files

If you have pre-existing drill in your UDBapp account(s) that you plan to use this summer or fall, you should re-export a new file (not update) from Pyware to provide your users with the most up to date features like text boxes, arrows, performer prop details, and updating compatibility.

3. Check out these resources
UDB Users Group on Facebook
UDBapp Knowledge Base

Attendance and General Updates

Roll Call

The Calendar and Attendance integration inside UDBapp Pro has changed the way bands around the world take attendance. Now, it’s easier than ever to see who is present with UDBapp Pro’s new Roll Call feature. Select Roll Call when creating a new event to take attendance without having to invite members to an event. This is perfect for special events, bus check-ins, and more!

Automatic Invite

Band directors love to get a head start by setting up their entire calendar at the beginning of the year. Automatic invites makes this process easier by automatically inviting new members of an ensemble to an event if their entire section or role was also invited. No more editing invitees!

UDBapp Knowledge Base

A brand-new knowledge base has been built from the ground up to help educators and students get the most out of UDBapp. Videos, pictures, GIFs, tutorials, and explanations are now neatly organized in one searchable area! View the UDBapp Knowledge Base here.

General improvements

Upgrades to drill animation, stability, sign up process, offline mode, Google calendar integrations, and other minor bug fixes. See a full list of new features and improvements here.

Launch Details

UDBapp Pro 1.0.5 will launch on May 24 in the iOS and Google Play App Stores. Educators and students interested in getting an account should visit

To learn more about UDBapp, visit the UDBapp Product Page or our Help Center.