The New Ultimate Dot Book

We’ve redesigned the Ultimate Dot Book to be more compact and easier to use. And with included UDB tabs, it’s quicker than ever to find the right page.

Organize with ease.

Color-coded UDB Tabs are included in the back of every Ultimate Dot Book. Each sticker is made of high quality vinyl that will last all season. Attach a sticker to the bottom of a page to mark the beginning of a song or important spot in the drill.

Your students that are rushing to check their coordinate when resetting during rehearsal will thank you.


Band kids don’t always take care of their stuff. That’s why we traveled around the world to show you that our books are waterproof and tear-resistant.

There is more to see.

On the outside

  • Customized front cover with logo and school name
  • Designated area for performer name
  • Covers printed on water and tear proof polycarbonate
  • Durable coil binding
  • Comes with high quality lace for carrying

On the inside

  • Each book comes with room for 108 sets of drill
  • Dedicated area for page number
  • Large space to write coordinate and yard line crossing counts
  • Designate foot or center of body
  • Included UDB Tabs help with organization

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