The New Ultimate Drill Book

If you want your students to have a great learning experience, you involve them in the process. The Ultimate Drill Book puts the responsibility of dot and shape learning in each marcher’s hands — and feet.

World Class Features

Water Proof

Each book is made with the best materials available to make them last all season. Bring on the rain.

Large music staff

With a full staff on each page, you’ll have plenty of room to write the music for that set’s drill.

Tear Proof

Our polycarbonate covers and multilayered paper make ripped pages a thing of the past.

Write it all down

Dedicated areas for counts, coordinate, interval, and measure numbers. Holy smokes.


Whether its a foot placement, a horn move, or your favorite ice cream, you’ll have plenty of room to write it down.

Easily Find Pages

Each page has a large set number box so finding the page you need is easy and fast.


Band kids don’t always take care of their stuff. That’s why we traveled around the world to put our books to the test.

On the outside

  • Customized front cover with logo and school name
  • Designated area for performer name
  • Covers printed on water and tear proof polycarbonate
  • Durable coil binding
  • Comes with high quality lace for carrying

On the inside

  • Large grid to draw shape, performers, and path
  • Highlighted set box for easy and fast page finding
  • Sections for counts, coordinate, measure numbers, and yard line crossing counts
  • Designated area to mark foot or center of body
  • Extensive space to write notes, including foot placement
  • Full size staff to write show music on
  • Included UDB Tabs help with organization
  • Each book comes standard with room for 100 sets
Interested in a custom layout?

We can help you create a custom layout thats specific to your ensemble. Pricing starts at $20 per book. Minimum quantity of 40 books required. Feel free to choose a custom layout or create your own. Contact us for more information.

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