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Week 1 Resources

Clarinet Voicing Exercise

Jackie Glazier
University of Arizona

Voicing exercises for flexibility on the clarinet: A mini lesson on voicing techniques to improve your sound and response in the high register of the clarinet.

Improving Your Low Register

Bryen Warfield
Homestead High School

Techniques that help tuba and euphonium players establish more full and consistent sound in the lower register of the instrument.

Hybrid Visual Exercise

Jennifer Hanford
James Bowie High School

A fun hybrid exercise that includes marching, tendu, and passé.

Drum Major and Conductor Stance Exercise

Dr. T. André Feagin
Central Washington University

Posture and stance used by drum majors and conductors that aim to put your body in the best position to be an effective conductor.

Building Better Balance as a Performer

Samia Mooney
The Bluecoats

Training proprioception exercises to develop and refine better balance as a performer.

Rifle Spin Exercise

Robert Jordan

A brief tutorial, analysis, and demonstration of spins on rifle.

Twirler Warm-ups

Caroline Carothers
University of Texas at Austin

A Twirler’s Guide to Warming Up Your Muscles and Mindset.

Shopping Spree for Percussion

Carlos Botello
Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps

Introducing a simple shopping spree formula and how to build your own.

TikTok Challenges

TikTok Dance Challenge

Michael Rosales
The Breakdown Camp

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TikTok Music Challenge

Christopher Bill

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