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Week 3 Resources

Chop Out Session

Kaylie Brooke
Blast! Cast Member

Getting creative and having fun with your chop out sessions.

Breathing and buzzing

Matthew Banks
Kirkwood High School, The Cadets, Our Marching Counts

This lesson helps low brass students become daily practitioners of breathing and buzzing so they can become highly aware of the relationship between good air usage and how they sound.

Spin Medley

Keagan Lambert
Performer with Bluecoats and Zephyrus Independent

A spin medley that helps develop essential skills on rifle.

Building a successful practice routine

Rachel Spencer
Dahlstrom Middle School, The Cadets

Setting up your space, structure, and categories for a successful practice routine.

Saxophone Embouchure Strengthening

Dr. Stephen Page
The University of Texas at Austin

A simple embouchure strengthening exercise that anyone can do with or without an instrument.

TikTok Challenges

TikTok Dance Challenge

Michael Rosales
The Breakdown Camp

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TikTok Music Challenge

Christopher Bill

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