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Week 6 Resources

Sabre Spins and Stop Exercise

Erin Kosman
Color Guard Director, Vista Ridge High School

Erin takes you through a sabre spins and stop exercise that works each hand while incorporating lower body qualities.

Preparing for Student Leadership Auditions

Jeremy Spicer
SASI – The Leadership People & Perform America, TX

Jeremy Spicer of SASI and Perform America, TX gives advice on how to effectively prepare for student leadership auditions and offers tips to ensure success throughout the marching band season.

Learning Traditional Grip

Oliver DeLotto
Genesis Drum & Bugle Corps & MacArthur High School

Oilver DeLotto of Genesis Drum & Bugle Corps demonstrates his quick and easy steps to learning traditional grip on snare drum.

Effective Field Conducting Techniques

Brett Richardson & Briana Garza
University of the Incarnate Word

Dr. Brett A. Richardson and Drum Major Briana Garza from the University of the Incarnate Word Marching Cardinals demonstrate effective field conducting techniques to help you #BeBandReady for the Fall

TikTok Challenges

TikTok Dance Challenge

Michael Rosales
The Breakdown Camp

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TikTok Music Challenge

Christopher Bill

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