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Week 9 Resources

How It’s Made: DSI Rifles


Ever wonder how rifles are made? The Elite Rifles by DSI are hand crafted and go through a thorough three-day, seven-step assembly process before they are ready to be sold.

Interval Training

Drew Bonner
Musician and Composer, drewbonner.com

Drew Bonner shares tips and tricks for learning and remembering intervals.

Multiple Tonguing

Kevin Fenske
The Bluecoats

A simple practice routine to develop and enhance your multiple tonguing with Kevin Fenske of the Bluecoats.

Improving Lip Slurs

Dr. Chip Crotts
Georgia Tech, The Blue Devils

Dr. Chip Crotts of The Blue Devils and Georgia Tech shares tips on improving lip slurs and how to better maximize efficiency through listening, visualizing and ultimately making music.

Shopping Spree

Brandon Olander
The Blue Devils

Brandon Olander of the Blue Devils and Blue Devils B, breaks down the shopping spree which helps percussionists work on flam rudiments.

TikTok Challenges

TikTok Dance Challenge

Michael Rosales
The Breakdown Camp

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TikTok Music Challenge

Christopher Bill

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